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  NAMBLA(Boylover-Organisation USA)
Hinzugefügt 04.01.2020
Hits 8355
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Only with your help can NAMBLA continue its work. See if you agree why NAMBLA matters:

For 30 years, NAMBLA has been the primary voice testifying to the benevolent aspects of man/boy love.

NAMBLA has been, and continues to be, a beacon of moral support for all individuals who feel a natural love for boys.

Through our web site and publications, NAMBLA provides a public forum for a diverse range of viewpoints supporting sexual liberation and youth liberation.

NAMBLA is the only organization that specifically supports incarcerated individuals who identify as boy lovers or who otherwise agree with our aims.

NAMBLA has celebrated the dignity inherent in the natural love of boys.

NAMBLA has been a bulwark against the lies and pejoratives of a venal abuse industry and opportunistic politicians and law enforcement officials. Exposing these lies is important not only for man/boy lovers but for all people who value democracy, since its foundation is a well-informed electorate.

NAMBLA has consistently protested ill advised wars that needlessly maim and kill young people and devastate families here and abroad. Even before it started, NAMBLA warned against the Iraq invasion. Our warning was on our Web site long before many of the politicians, who belatedly recognized their immense error, echoed our concerns.

NAMBLA has spoken out strongly against the shoddy and disrespectful treatment afforded youth in our society and the resulting high rates of child and youth poverty, neglect and alienation.

NAMBLA has consistently highlighted injustices and harm in age of consent laws. Instead of protecting young people, these laws have done the very opposite.

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