Just Facts, Not Fear (Steven Whitsett)

Steven Whitsett

Just Facts, Not Fear

The harrowing true story of the struggle that changed my life

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Failed American Policy

The American sex offender policy, for those unfamiliar with it, is one of unending, inhumane punishment and human rights abuses. Its only claim of success has been in preventing those affected by it from ever having a meaningful future. Individuals unlucky enough to find themselves on such a list will face a steep, uphill climb upon release from their judicial sentence. They will be denied housing, employment, schooling, and all forms of social status. Even after being removed from the registry, should the individual be so lucky, he or she will still have some of their basic human rights affected at the federal level. Most states in the US have registry schemes that allow for the possibility of removal from the list. Florida, however, is a state that does not.

A Hero Is Awakened

Mr. Whitsett, a Florida native, is a steadfast critic against the catastrophic failure that is the US registry scheme while also championing the rights of those forced to register. He has witnessed first-hand their day-to-day struggle for basic survival in a society that has become ever-increasingly hostile to them. This book details the dramatic evolution of how Steven, a dedicated American soldier and promising university student, suffered through the indignity of the American criminal warehousing industry. His twenty-year battle with corrupt prison guards, crooked psychologists, and a government destined to destroy his humanity would lead him to become one of the most outspoken advocates for the rights of forced registrants.


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